Aimed at actors, actresses, dancers, singers and performers

Conducted by Massimiliano Balduzzi and Dario Valtancoli

Price: 70€

Hello, we are Dario and Massimiliano, we are pleased that our proposal has attracted your attention.

If you want to have some more information about our professional trajectory, at the bottom of this dossier you will find our biographies. Now let's go straight to the core of the work we propose in the seminar!


The fields of study we will explore together are:

- Psycho-physical training.

- Vocal training and work on traditional songs.

- Creative processes for performance.


The training we have developed favors a particular vitality of the body, something that we usually experience in the extraordinary events of our lives, when the body is called to react with total fullness, or awareness. This training is for the performer to:

● Get used to getting out of your comfort zone, overcome resistance and limits.

● Build self-confidence from the body.

● Knowing how to generate and maintain high levels of attention.

● Be constantly rooted in the "here and now".

Through meticulous work, articulated in a series of practical exercises, we will help participants to develop their ability to act in a present, full and organic way.


In the seminar we will not sing to improve our vocal skills or our singing technique. These aspects are important requirements for a performer, but they are not, on this occasion, the goal towards which we will strive.

In the seminary, instead, we will sing to do a work on ourselves. The songs we propose - these are ancient songs belonging to different traditions - are another type of tool, or vehicle, to respond to the same need to remain organically rooted in the present that as performers we face in training, but in a more subtle way than physical work.

So singing can become a very deep practice of the same processes that occur during training and performative execution, which are processes that concern organicity and being present and alive.


In the seminar we will help you create a short sequence of individual actions, through which we will explore those processes that precede and lead to the creation of a performance that is interesting, structured and alive.

● "Interesting"

In the process of creating our sequence of actions we will start by asking ourselves - not only as performers, but as human beings - the following question: "what moves me, what is really meaningful to me and has so much value that I feel the need to communicate it to the world?"

For each performer the starting point will therefore be individual and personal. The answers he / she will find to this question will serve as a stimulus throughout the process of creating his performative structure.

● "Structured"

Starting from this stimulus, each performer will be invited and accompanied to create a short sequence of actions supported by a text, a song, a memory or a precise imagination.

These sequences of actions will be our "performative sketches". Considering them in this way will help us not to judge the first results, which are often not those we would like to get at first glance.

Next, we will teach you to "calibrate", that is, to correct, delete, modify and add actions to your performative sketch to develop it and obtain a "performative draft": an articulated and detailed structure of actions, but still subject to exploration and calibration.

Then, as directors, we will begin to give the performers involved in the creative process work indications that will go in the direction of editing the performative drafts of each one.

● "Alive"

It might seem a paradox, but it is precisely the structure that allows us, as performers, to be able to live fully on stage.

Having a repeatable structure of actions means for us to know, moment by moment, what to do and why to do it, which is exactly what in execution leads to feeling truly free and alive on stage.

But it's not just about precisely executing the "shape" of our actions. It's more about really paying attention to what we're doing and why, here and now, for the duration of our performance.

In other words: the structure of our actions is like the riverbed that allows our life on stage to flow freely.

If you are interested in participating, write us as soon as possible, places are limited!

A big hug and see you soon!

Dario Valtancoli and Massimiliano Balduzzi

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