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    LAMBRATE AREA, former gym, recently renovated, is today a place which welcomes different activities, cultural and creative.

    An ideal place for artistic performances, dance, painting, sculpture, photography, temporary events, workshops, photo shoots, small receptions, presentations, shows, exhibitions, concerts. A reality where different disciplines meet and mingle, encouraging experimentation and research.

    We host exhibitions of national and international artists. Here the convivial atmosphere fosters the emergence and consolidation of relationships and cultural aggregation.

    We at Milan Lambrate, new creative hub in Milan: during the week of the Fuori Salone is the most coveted destination internationally and young and alternative design.

    The urban neighborhood is home to many former industrial spaces, retrained and rethought for reality and creative tasks.

    Lambrate area is easy to reach: we are only a few minutes fromLinate airport and 300 metres from Lambrate station (Metro-train-tram) • view map.

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    Dr. Arnaldo Gerosa

    To those who ask me what inspired me answering the UN flag, circular as the most important things: the lights, wheels, world, the marbles, the bowls with which to play every day, tennis balls and balloons of all sports, the eyes, the Sun. Around a central core, there is always a circle of dots as the rosette around the world.

    To those who ask me why I do say it's a game: fill in color the world to make people smile, amuse, arouse curiosity, embellishing a place otherwise gray and anonymous.

    Arnaldo Gerosa Doctor-spontaneous artist

    Laura Maddalena Gerosa

    Laura Maddalena Gerosa

    From the art world, is responsible for managing and administering the space collecting acceptances to reservations of the rooms and by evaluating the quality of the proposals. Takes care of public reports, taking contacts with artists, musicians and creative, trying to give form to multidisciplinary events. His dream is to make possible the interaction of all the arts.

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    Spazio Lambrate S.R.L.
    Viale delle Rimembranze di Lambrate, 16
    20134, Milano
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